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Hello!   Welcome to Helpful Interventions also known as H I.   I am Jerrilyn, a Self-Care Coach and Counselor helping others experiencing life stressors is my passion.

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Jerrilyn Hayes, LCSW

I am Jerrilyn from Helpful Interventions.   I founded Helpful Interventions, a supportive  and non-clinical based counseling service,  in 1999 to be of service in the Houston community.   

My life calling and  passion is to help others.  

I am excited to announce we have a new service line.    Self-care coaching and counseling for the busy woman who maybe multi-tasking and feeling overwhelmed trying to balance it all. 

This new service born out of receiving overwhelming requests on what to do  about feeling stressed, sadness, anxious, and frustrated when juggling life, family and career demands.   

I have combined years of research, being a helping professional, creating stress management techniques while using my own coping strategies to manage day to day life events.   I have curated  various tools, tips and life hacks to help with stressful and anxious moments. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, experiencing sleep problems and worried about a little or lot, I’m here to listen without judgement.     Let’s chat about it.  Schedule a complimentary consultation. 

Other specialty areas includes:  parent coaching and court ordered adoption evaluations.  


  What is like to develop a self care plan?

Developing a self-care plan is like creating your own road map to guide you in coping with day to day stressors, during times of crisis or emergencies.

We have curated tools and strategies to help you create your personal self-care plan.  

Schedule a complimentary self-discovery session to learn more about self-care.

What triggers procrastination?

Procrastination is defined as putting something off or simply not doing it all. 

Delaying or postponing  to do something later could cause loss of time, opportunity, ruin employment or career opportunities. 

Procrastination could cause you to feel like a failure, guilty or even self-conscious.

Procrastination could affect family, work or social relationships.   Understanding the root cause of procrastination can be a game changer. 

 Self-Care Coaching can help you tap into your inner strengths, creativity and self-confidence to procrastinate no more.  Let us help with the hard parts.