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Helpful Interventions has created service lines to help with anxiety, depression and stress.  Helping others reach optimal wellness is Jerrilyn’s passion!

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Self Care Coaching

Did know chronic stress can lead to serious health concerns and is also known as the Silent Killer.  We have developed tools and strategies to deal with stress.   We can help you create a personal self-care to enjoy the most out of living, working and playing!    

  • Initial Individual Session
  • Individual Follow Up Session
  • Group Sessions 
  • Mini Sessions (30 minutes)

Adoption Evaluations

Adoption Evaluation (formally known as a home study) process for a relative, non-relative, second parent, or step parent to adopt a child[ren].  Jerrilyn is a Licensed Master Social Worker and is typically appointed by the courts to complete an report.  The report is intended for the courts to make final decisions in the best interest of the child[ren].

Parent Coaching

Nationwide nearly 80% of parents report family and parenting responsibilities are sources of stress.  Perhaps it’s stressful to get your child to listen or to stop having mis-behaviors.   Are you losing sleep, feeling irritable, anxious and on edge most of the time?  There is relief in sight with our parent coaching.   We have tips and strategies that can relieve stress and deal with mis-behaivors and develop a connection with your child.

Parent & Family Coaching Services

  • Individual Parent Session
  • Group Connect for Parents


 Have a question, need help with a life concern, worry or problem.  Need help in mapping a course of action.  Or  do you need information or resources?

Our trained information experts are knowledgeable about various topics on research, information wellness and behavior health.  We are here to listen! 

Let us help you tackle that problem.